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Native plants of the Chesapeake Bay

The list below contains plants native to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed region grown by Mid Atlantic Natives nursery. The Chesapeake Bay Watershed includes mountain, piedmont, coastal dunes, marshes and wetlands spanning from New York to Virginia and parts of West Virginia to the coast. Each native plant tolerates a variety of sunlight, moisture and soil conditions within these areas and may be critically important to one area, while not found naturally in another. To accurately mimic the natural, ecologically correct native plant habitat it is important to understand the naturally occurring species and specific ecological needs of the areas you'll be working with to make correct choices. Please contact us directly for assistance in determining what will best meet the needs of your project, we'll be happy to assist. 

Chesapeake Bay Native Grasses for Full Sun - Part Sun  (8+ hours per day in summer)
 Andropogon  gerardii                                 Big Bluestem                                              
Andropogon virginicus                               Broomsedge                                              
Carex lurida                                              Sallow sedge, lurid sedge                                      
Carex Stricta                                           Tussock Sedge  
Carex vulpinoidea                                     Fox Sedge                                                    
Chasmanthium latifolium                           Wild oats, river oats, sea oats,               
Panicum virgatum                                     Switchgrass
Schizachyrium scoparium (A. scoparius)    Little bluestem                                        

Chesapeake Bay Native Grasses  for Part - Full Shade
Carex pensylvanica                                     Pennsylvania sedge
Elymus Riparius                                       Virginia Wild Rye

Plants for wetland, marsh restoration:

Chesapeake Bay Native Herbaceous Emergents (Wetland, Bog, Marsh plants) 
consistently Moist or Wet Soil Full-Part Sun

Iris versicolor                                           Blue flag                                                  
Juncus effusus                                        Soft Rush                                                 
Nuphar lutea (N. advena)                          Yellow water lily, American Lotus              
Nymphaea odorata                                   Fragrant water lily, American Water lily    
Peltandra virginica                                    Arrow arum                                                  
Pontederia cordata                                   Pickerelweed                                               
Sagittaria latifolia                                      Arrowhead                                                  
Saururus cernuus                                     Lizards Tail                                                 
Schoenoplectus validus (Scirpus validus)    Soft stem bulrush                                       
Scirpus atrovirens                                     Green Bulrush                                            
Scirpus cyperinus                                     Woolgrass bulrush                                    
Sparganium americanum                           American bur-reed                                    
Spartina alterniflora                                   Cordgrass                                                
Spartina patens                                        Meadow hay