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About Ordering Native Plants, shipping terms and conditions

How to order:

Visit our on line store


1- Click on the order form below. A workable word document will open.
2- Indicate the quantities you'd like to order.
3-Save the document and return it to us via email or fax (804)413-6461.

Not all available items are listed
Contact us directly for availability of larger plant material, balled and burlapped caliper plant material, and bid quotes.

Stock Type & Sizes

"Grading" is not subject to opinion when dealing with a professional nursery. Mid Atlantic Natives/Superior Nursery grades according to USDA and ANLA standards.


Our bare root plant material is graded as #1 quality, pricing shown is for 12-18" plants. Not all available sizes are listed, contact us for more info. Perennials are 1-2 years old, trees and shrubs are 2 year plus. See examples

Weather depending bare root plant materials is shipped about October 15th - April 15th, while dormant, to minimize cycle interruptions due to shipping.

Plug trays are shipped fully rooted. Since we are a container production nursery, we are allowed more flexibility in our availability as we are not restricted to digging only when Mother Nature allows. Our materials are stored in greenhouses where we can do more to control the environment and maintain the plants, however outside temperatures and sunlight do play a role and Mother Nature has the ultimate say. In other words it is impossible to guarantee exact shipping dates but we will do our best to meet your needs.

Minimum Orders / Deposits

Minimum order is $100.00 (before tax, shipping & handling). Bare root is dug to order, payment in full is required prior to scheduling your order for digging. As certain items sell out fast and others are limited in their availability, please place your order as early as possible. 10-14 days is usually required for digging times HOWEVER THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED. ORDERS ARE SHIPPED ON A FIRST COME BASIS. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE SHIPPING TIME FRAMES. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and checks. Orders paid by check will ship no sooner than 10 days after receipt.

Deposits are required to "hold" orders and for contract grows.

Shipping & Handling
The shipping rate is 20% of the order total, with a $20.00 minimum. This covers packaging, handling, and shipping. If for some reason your shipping exceeds 20%, the difference will be added to your order. 18" and larger bare root plant material may incur additional charges for shipping and over sized boxes.

Upon Arrival

Plant material has been treated with Moisturin 5, an organic based product to aid in moisture retention. Information will be included in your order directing you how to handle plants upon receipt, as well as how and when to plant and proper planting and after care instructions.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee nursery stock to be true to name and make every effort to ensure your satisfaction with your order. Orders must be opened and inspected immediately upon receipt.
Because of the type of packaging and custom designed box style we use, shipping issues are rare. 
We are not responsible for any issues not reported within 24 hours of receipt of your plant material.

If there is an problem with your purchased items it must be reported to us within 24 hours of receipt.
Photos of the shipping materials and plants will be requested.

Claims resulting from carrier issues will result in your order being replaced or refunded once the claim is settled with the carrier.

Please report any other problems immediately and we will make every effort to resolve any issues to your satisfaction. Under no circumstances will the claim amount exceed the order amount.


If an order or part of an order is cancelled after payment has been received, a 25% re-stocking fee will be charged.
Deposits on contract grows and/or special orders are not refundable.  
Contract grows and special orders already shipped will not be refunded.
Custom designs and plans will be charged a non-refundable $150.00 fee.


In the event of theft of packages or plants delivered we will assist the buyer with due process. So long as the delivery address and directions are entered as provided by the buyer Mid Atlantic Natives liability is strictly and only limited to providing delivery details and filing a lost package claim with the shipper. It is the buyers responsibility to file a police claim and provide a copy to Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm in order to adhere to the shipper's claim process.