Cephalanthus occidentalis Buttonbush 12″ Live Stake


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12″ Live stake:
Attractive Flowers:
Beneficial Insects:
Clay Soil- High clay content, fine texture:
Drought Tolerant:
Flood Tolerant:
Full – Part Sun (6+ hours of sun):
High Wildlife Value:
Loamy Soil- mostly silt, sand, some clay:
Moist Soil:
Native to Coastal Regions:
Native To Mountain Regions:
Native to Piedmont Regions:
OBL- Almost always occur in wetlands:
Occasionally wet soil (non-tidal):
Organic soil- high level of decayed leaves, bark:
Part – Full Shade (less than 4 hours):
Sandy soil, coarse texture:
Small Mammals:
Wet soil (Tidal):
Full Sun:

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Botanic name: Cephalanthus occidentalis 12″ Live Stake
Common Name: Buttonbush
Sun Exposure:

  • Full Sun
  • Part Sun
  • Part Shade
  • Full Shade

Soil moisture:

  • Dry
  • Average
  • Moist

Soil Type:

  • Clay
  • Loamy
  • Sandy
  • Organic

Mature height / spread: 6-12′
Flower: Fragrant white – July-August
Fall Color: Yellow
Soil Ph: 6.1-8.5
Water depth: to 36″
Habitat: Fresh tidal & non tidal marshes, shrub swamps, forested wetlands, stream, lake & pond edges
Threatened /Endangered:
Buttonbush is an obligate wetland shrub suitable for wetland restoration, created wetlands, and riparian zones. It has exceptional wildlife benefits. The seed is eaten by eight species of waterfowl and the twigs by three species of mammals.