Elymus virginicus, Virginia Wild Rye, Native Grass


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Elymus virginicus, Virginia Wild Rye, Native Grass
Aquatic animal habitat support:
Attractive Fall Color:
Average – Dry soil:
Average to moist soil:
Average well drained soil:
Average Wildlife Value:
Beneficial Insects:
Clay Soil- High clay content, fine texture:
Deer Resistant:
Dry-Moist Soil:
Erosion Control:
FAC- Occur in wetlands and non-wetlands:
FACW- Usually occur in wetlands, but may occur in non-wetlands:
Flood Tolerant:
Four Season Interest:
Full – Part Sun (6+ hours of sun):
Grass/ Sedge/ Rush:
High Wildlife Value:
Loamy Soil- mostly silt, sand, some clay:
Moist Soil:
Native to Coastal Regions:
Native To Mountain Regions:
Native to Piedmont Regions:
Occasionally wet soil (non tidal):
Organic soil- high level of decayed leaves, bark:
Part – Full Shade (less than 4 hours):
Part Sun – Part Shade :
Salt Tolerant:
Sandy soil, coarse texture:
Small Mammals:
Winter interest:
Full Sun:
Virginia wildrye is found throughout the eastern 2/3rds of the United States and all of the southern, Canadian providences. It is typically found in moister sites than Canadian wildrye, and will tolerate more shading. It prefers heavy, fertile soils, but is extremely adaptable.


Cool Season
Bunch grass
Variable color, green – silver blue
2 – 4 feet tall
Seed head has dense, medium length awns
Seed head 2 – 6 inches in length
Pasture and Hay
Erosion Control
Wildlife Habitat
Buffer Strips