Glyceria grandis, American Mannagrass, Native Grass


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Glyceria grandis, American Mannagrass

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Attractive Fall Color:
Average – Dry soil:
Average to moist soil:
Average well drained soil:
Average Wildlife Value:
Clay Soil- High clay content, fine texture:
Dry-Moist Soil:
Erosion Control:
FACW- Usually occur in wetlands, but may occur in non-wetlands:
Flood Tolerant:
Four Season Interest:
Full – Part Sun (6+ hours of sun):
Grass/ Sedge/ Rush:
Loamy Soil- mostly silt, sand, some clay:
Moist Soil:
Native to Coastal Regions:
Native to Piedmont Regions:
Occasionally wet soil (non tidal):
Organic soil- high level of decayed leaves, bark:
Salt Tolerant:
Sandy soil, coarse texture:
Small Mammals:
Full Sun:
t, culms are 40-60 in. tall and sometimes decumbent at the base. The large, showy, openly branched, purplish panicle is up to 16 in. long and nods at the summit.

Cool-season grass has broad, pale leaves and very loose, open flowering stalks.
Important member of wetland communities