Helianthus angustifolius, Swamp Sunflower, Native Perennial Wildflower


Helianthus angustifolius, Swamp Sunflower, Native Perennial Wildflower

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Helianthus angustifolius
Common Name(s): Narrow Leaf SunflowerNarrow-Leaved Coreopsis Sunflower Swamp Sunflower
Previously known as: Coreopsis angustifolia
Phonetic Spelling
hee-lee-AN-thus an-gus-tee-FOH-lee-us
Swamp sunflower is a native perennial member of the aster family and can be found from NY to FL to TX. It is a large perennial that can grow up to 8 feet tall with showy yellow daisy-like flowers from mid to late summer into fall. Prune plants back in June to encourage branching. It prefers moist to occasionally wet acidic sandy to clay loams in full sun. It can be grown on drier soils if adequate moisture is provided. It will tolerate part shade but flowers better in full sun. This plant is a favorite of pollinators and songbirds. There are shorter cultivars available if desired.

Use this plant in the back border of a native/pollinator garden, naturalized area, or along streams and ponds. Give it room to grow and spread and you will have a profusion of late-season flowers when little else is blooming.

This plant was selected as the 2007 NC Wildflower of the Year
Plant Characteristics
Duration: Perennial
Habit: Herb
Leaf: Dark Green
Flower: Flowers 2 inches
Size Class: 1-3 ft.
Bloom Information
Bloom Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Oct
USA: AL , AR , DC , DE , FL , GA , IL , IN , KY , LA , MD , MO , MS , NC , NJ , NY , OH , OK , PA , SC , TN , TX , VA , WV
Native Habitat: Flood plains, bottomland
Growing Conditions
Water Use: Medium
Light Requirement: Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Wet
CaCO3 Tolerance: Medium
Soil Description: Sandy, Sandy Loam, Medium Loam, Clay Loam, Clay, Acid-based
Use Ornamental: Bog or pond area, Blooms ornamental, Color
Conspicuous Flowers: yes
Attracts: Birds
Value to Beneficial Insects
Special Value to Native Bees

This information was provided by the Pollinator Program at The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.