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Mid Atlantic Natives Inc.

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722 Whites Neck Drive
Mobjack, VA 23056
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(By appointment only.)
4238 Buckley Hall Road
Cobbs Creek, VA 23056
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A sunset over the water with trees in front of it.
Our backyard! Mobjack Bay.
Kurt & Linda Kurzmiller
A sunset over the water with trees in front of it.

Why Choose Mid Atlantic Natives?

  • We are a grower ONLY. We do not compete with our customers on bids or do installation work.
  • YOU are our focus! Our Intent is to make you a repeat customer!
  • You get what you order! We don’t short quantities, undersize plants or send the wrong species…GUARANTEED!
  • We are an organic practice propagation nursery.
  • After 37 years in the industry, if we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to find it for you!
  • We have a large selection of VA ecotype species.
  • QUALITY matters to us.

Mid Atlantic Natives grows and supplies plants native to the Chesapeake Bay watershed and eastern seaboard.

While we are primarily a wholesale business to the trade, we welcome orders from anyone interested in native plants so long as they agree to our terms and conditions.

We specialize in plants native to Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North & South Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and our beloved home state, Virginia.

None are ever taken from the wild.

Our native plant inventory contains only those native plant species that were existing in northeast North America before European settlement. We do not offer cultivars.

We are an organic practice propagation nursery and have been since our beginning in 1985. We are proud to provide the resources to maintain a healthy environment for all Earth's creatures. We utilize biological pest control, and OMRI or USDA certified organic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Even our propagation soil is OMRI certified.

We spend our private time doing what we love, hiking, biking, kayaking and exploring the forests, rivers, and coastal areas of the Mid Atlantic and beyond. There is no more beautiful area than the one we call home, our beloved Chesapeake Bay. The plants placed here by Mother Nature herself are the ones we have a special regard for.

The fact that you are reading this is an example of educated consumers being smarter than marketers. We hope you continue your focus on native plants with us. No matter what your project requires, we’ll make it easy for you!

Thanks for visiting! We look forward to working with you!

Kurt & Linda Kurzmiller,
President & Vice President,
Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm Inc.