Welcome! Mid Atlantic Natives is an organic practice production nursery
specializing in native plants of the Eastern seaboard with a special focus on the
Mid Atlantic Region and Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

 In an effort to make native plants accessible to everyone
we have chosen to allow non wholesale orders, however wholesale terms apply.

Pricing may have minimum quantity/size restrictions.
There is a minimum order amount of $100.00.
Wholesale pricing and some size availability is based on volume.

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Please Note- 
You may pick your order up. All pick up orders must be ordered and paid for prior to pick up. Once your order is placed and paid for we will contact you when it is ready.

Plug Trays, Bare Root Plant Material and Live Stakes are NOT AVAILABLE without a pre-paid order  for walk in customers. You MUST order and pay for these items. 

Limited container and B & B items are available to walk in customers.
Please call before visiting to be sure desired CONTAINER plant material is available.  Again, Bare root, plug trays and live stakes ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THE GARDEN CENTER, they are available as pre paid orders only.

Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm/
Superior Nursery & Garden Center

is located at
12506 Susquehanna Trail South

New Freedom, PA 17349
(just NORTH of Shrewsbury PA)

for current Garden Center Hours visit
Please note!
They are pre-paid to order only.

 Phone: 717-227-0924
Fax- 717-227-0653

e-mail sales@midatlanticnatives.com

Example of bare root tree  size grade of 18-24"

2017 Our 32nd Year!!

Established in 1985, Superior Nursery / Mid Atlantic Native Plants is an organic practice propagation nursery. We utilize biological pest control and OMRI or USDA certified organic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. We are committed to providing pollinators and wildlife safe, non-toxic food and habitat.  Our nursery property is a National Wildlife Foundation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Our plants encompass plants native to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Carolina and Ontario, Canada.

Our native trees, shrubs, perennials and wetland plants are nursery propagated from seed, division, and cuttings. Unlike many "suppliers" we do not dig anything from the wild.

Our focus on natives is a determined effort to support the natural environment to ensure it's preservation.

We believe very strongly in what we do, we hope you'll find exactly what you need. We look forward to growing for you!

Happy Planting!

Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm
12506 Susquehanna Trail South New Freedom, PA 17349 US
Phone: 717-227-0924 Website: https://www.midatlanticnatives.com

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