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Why Choose Mid Atlantic Natives?

  • YOU are our focus! Our intent is to make you a repeat customer!
  • We are an organic practice propagation nursery. Read More!
  • We have a large selection of VA ecotype species.
  • You get what you order! Species, Sizes and Quantities. We don’t short quantities, undersize plants or send the wrong species…GUARANTEED!
  • We are a grower ONLY. We do not compete with our customers on bids or do installation work.
  • Quality Matters to us!! If we wouldn't want it ourselves, you won't get it.
  • After 37 years in the industry, if we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to find it for you!



Current Shipping Info:

Plug Trays As of 5/15: All orders will ship -Mid -LATE JUNE.  (sooner if possible)  We will ship as soon as the plug trays are ready for transplant, which highly weather and species dependent. Requested ship dates are NOT guaranteed but we will do our best! 

Bare Root / Live Stake Season has ended. We will resume taking pre orders for Fall 2024/Spring 2025 in late summer.

 Welcome to Mid Atlantic Natives!

Specializing in native plants of the Mid Atlantic Region and eastern seaboard since 1985.

We're glad you're here!

            Mid Atlantic Natives is a wholesale, to the trade, grower of native plant species. However, in order to make native plants available to everyone, we welcome orders from anyone interested in native plants! This includes government agencies, contractors, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and homeowners. In short, anyone interested in native plant species and their benefits!  ALL ORDERS ARE A FINAL SALE. Please read our "Terms and Conditions" for additional information.

Wholesale native plant pricing is based on quantity.

Additional wholesale discounts may be available for single species quantities of 1000 or more. This applies to all bare root trees, shrubs, perennials and ferns, as well as our organically grown native plug trays of perennials, grasses, wetland plants and native live stakes. Please contact us for bid quotes & contract grows.

Orders are shipped via UPS or common carrier throughout the continental US. 

We allow paid order pick ups (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) at our farm location in Cobbs Creek, VA for INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS AND LOCAL VIRGINIA RESIDENTS WITHIN A 30 MILE RADIOUS Only.  LOCAL is defined as : the Middle Peninsula, York County, Williamsburg. 

There is a $10.00 service fee for ALL pick ups. Appointments for contactless pick ups are available Tues-Thurs- 11am-3pm. If this does not work for you please choose shipping. Pick ups may require more than one trip based on item readiness. 

THERE IS A MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT of $150.00. (Total for all plants combined before shipping and tax) ( 5.3% for VA residents)


ALL ORDERS ARE A FINAL SALE. Please read our "Terms and Conditions" for additional information.

Mid Atlantic Natives Inc.
(Office Location, AP&R)
722 Whites Neck Drive
Mobjack, VA 23056
Nursery Location:
(By appointment only.)
4238 Buckley Hall Road
Cobbs Creek, VA 23056
General ??
Bids/Contract Grows:

About our production practices:

Established in 1985, we specialize in native plants of the eastern United States. We focus on native species of the Mid Atlantic region and our cherished Chesapeake Bay and, of course, our beloved home state, Virginia.

Our native plant inventory contains only those native plant species that were existing in northeast North America before European settlement. As a result, we do not offer cultivars as they are not native...

We have ALWAYS been neonicotinoid free.

Since our beginning, Mid Atlantic Natives has been a wholesale, organic practice, propagation nursery. It's not a new thing for us to use as a marketing bullet point. It's our way of life! We are proud we maintain a healthy environment for all Earth's creatures. Subsequently, we utilize biological pest control, and OMRI or USDA certified organic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Even our propagation is OMRI certified.

If you want to know the products we use E-mail us! 

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They are drying after hatching
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Fat Monarch Caterpillar!