About Native Live Stakes for Erosion Control (FAQ’S)

Native Species Live stake orders require a minimum of 100 units of a single species.

Stakes are cut and shipped while dormant, late fall to early spring.
Stakes are cut with one end angled for ease of planting.

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There is a minimum order total of $150.00.

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FYI – No Orders will be SHIPPED between December 12th & January 10th, 2022.

About Native Live Stakes for Erosion Control (FAQ’S). First, we only offer native SPECIES, no cultivars. All of our live stakes are Mid Atlantic Native Species.

A minimum of 100 units of a single native species is required for native live stake orders.

Native Live Stakes are woody cuttings with branches trimmed off and no current roots.  Fast rooting species that grow quickly are selected resulting in quickly establishing root mats. This means fast reinforcement of stream banks.  One end is cut at an angle for ease of planting on areas in need of erosion control.

Healthy vegetation in shoreland areas provides shade, pollution filtering, food for aquatic organisms, and bank stability. Resulting in a native wildlife habitat and a thriving native environment that needs little maintenance.

Live stakes for erosion control are used to secure bioengineering materials and as anchors for geo-fabrics.

Live stakes are a low-cost option of plant materials for stabilizing banks and restoring river bank vegetation. They are well suitable for areas with low to moderate slopes.


We ship via common carrier or UPS ground.

We allow local pick ups for local Virginia RESIDENTS in the immediate area; the Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck, Richmond Metro and Hampton Roads. There is a $10.00 service fee. Make a note in the comments section that you’ll be picking up and shipping will be refunded.

Pricing/Availability is subject to change.

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