Distichlis spicata, Saltgrass, Native Grass


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Botanic Name (s): Distichlis spicata,

Common Name(s): Saltgrass

Height: 0.5-1.5’

Flowers: Aug-Oct

Light: Full sun

Moisture: M W

Soil pH: 6.4-10.5

Soil type: C L

Flood Depth:

Salinity: 0-50 ppt

tidal salt marshes,

from Mean High tide

above to spring tide

level; high salinity; wet


Region: C




often intermixed with

Spartina patens, forms

Erosion Control Four Season Interest

Average Wildlife Value: Songbirds Small Mammals

FACUpl- Occur in wetlands and non-wetlands

Native To Mountain Regions

Native to Piedmont Regions

Native to Coastal regions