About our Organically Grown Native Plant Plug Trays (FAQ’s)

In stock native plugs currently ship within 7-10 days from the date of your paid order.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Organically Grown Native Plant Plug Trays

Currently available (organically grown) native perennial plugs are cut back and going dormant. The roots are perfect and YES! You can plant any time the ground can be worked. Planting in fall gives native perennial and grass plugs a head start! The roots will establish well into winter. That means they’re ready to go come spring!

In stock native plugs currently ship within 7-10 days from the date of your paid order.

Please feel free to contact us directly for wholesale bid pricing and contract grows, and for pricing on quantities of more than 1000. Plugs are also available for contract growing (organically) in DP 38, DP 50 and DP 72.

Wholesale native plant plug pricing is based on quantity. Additional wholesale discounts may be available for single native plant species in quantities of 1000 or more. This applies to all organically grown native plug trays of perennials, grasses and wetland plants. It also applies to our native live stakes, bare root trees, shrubs, perennials and ferns.

We have ALWAYS been neonicotinoid free.

Since our beginning in 1985, Mid Atlantic Natives has been a wholesale, organic practice, propagation nursery. It’s not a new thing for us to use as a marketing bullet point. It’s our way of life!

We are proud we maintain a healthy environment for all Earth’s creatures. We utilize biological pest control, and OMRI or USDA certified organic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Even our propagation soil is OMRI certified. Can you tell we’re proud of being organic?


Our organically grown native Perennials, Grasses & Wetland plugs start shipping  late Spring. (late April- late May) Once fully rooted and transplantable.  Shipping time frames are species dependent. That means not all native plug species will be ready at the same time.

Native plants, like people, are all different, each have differing needs and may take longer to germinate, need warmer temperatures than others, more daylight, etc. We’ll ship them when THEY’RE ready!We do not guarantee dates but will do our best to meet your desired time frame. You may indicate that time frame in a comments section at the time of check out.

We ship via common carrier or UPS ground. Charges are generally 25% of the order total for orders within the mid Atlantic region. There are additional charges for outside the immediate region of 1-10%, as well as rural areas.

We allow local pick ups for local Virginia RESIDENTS in the immediate area; the Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck, Richmond Metro and Hampton Roads. There is a $10.00 service fee. You may indicate your intention to pick up in the comments section at check out. Shipping will be refunded.

Please place your order promptly as items sell out fast. This means once the current crop is sold out, the next crop may not be available for 6-8 weeks.

“Plugs” are mini rooted plants. Plugs become established in weeks rather than months. Our native plant species grown in plug trays are chosen for their wide adaptability and ease of transplanting and root establishment. Some will flower in their first season.

Pricing is for EACH native plant plug in a 50 count cell tray. Example, 50 plants in a 50 count plug tray are priced by the each ($1.50 per plant times 50 plants per tray = $75.00 for a tray).

Our 50 cell square plug dimension are 1.93” x 1.93” top by 2.38” deep. Total soil volume of 5.8 cubic inches. By comparison our 50 cell plug soil volume is 30% larger than most competitor 72 cell sized plugs. We also grow some shrubs and trees in a 38 deep cell plug. The 38 deep cell plug dimensions are 2.25” diameter, by 5” deep with a soil volume of 12.10 cubic inches.

Plug Pricing/Availability is subject to change.  Not all available items are shown, and we update regularly with New items.

Visit our “How To Plant” page for planting directions.