Sorghastrum nutans, Indiangrass, Native Grasses, Perennial Grass Plugs


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Sorghastrum nutans, Indiangrass, Native Grasses, Perennial Grass Plugs

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Sorghastrum nutans, Indiangrass, Native Grasses, Perennial Grass Plugs

Botanic Name (s): Sorghastrum nutans

Common Name(s): Indiangrass

Mature height :2.5-8ft

Mature spread:3-6ft

Bloom Time:Aug-Sept

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Soil moisture: Dry Average Moist

Soil Ph:4.8-8

Soil Type: Clay Soil- High clay content, fine texture

Loamy Soil- mostly silt, sand, some clay

Sandy soil, coarse texture

Native Habitat: Dry slopes, praries, borders of woods

Notes: Tall clump grass with beautiful seed head, nutritious for livestock

Erosion Control

High Wildlife Value: Songbirds Game Birds Small Mammals

FACU – Usually occur in non-wetlands, but may occur in wetlands

Native to Coastal Regions

Native To Mountain Regions

Native to Piedmont Regions

Threatened / Endangered: Maine, Rhode Island

Native Grass

Sorghastrum nutans, Indiangrass, Native Grasses, Perennial Grass Plugs

Use Ornamental: Grows in clumps, Accent
Use Wildlife: Seeds-Small mammals, Seeds-granivorous birds, Nesting material
Conspicuous Flowers: yes
Interesting Foliage: yes
Attracts: Butterflies
Larval Host: Pepper-and-Salt Skipper butterfly.
Deer Resistant: High
Value to Beneficial Insects
Provides Nesting Materials/Structure for Native Bees

Indiangrass [Sorghastrum nutans (L.) Nash] is a tall, tufted, warm-season perennial grass with short, stout,
scaly rhizomes. It has also been described as a bunchgrass. It grows to an average height of 3 to 5 feet.
Inflorescence is a contracted panicle that is golden to reddish tan and softly hairy. The species occurs
naturally from Canada to Mexico through the eastern and central United States (USDA NRCS 2004). It is
codominant with big bluestem and switchgrass in tall grass prairies. It grows on a wide range of habitats,
from prairies to woodlands, savannahs, and scrubland vegetation. In the drier area of its natural range, it
prefers fertile bottomlands or lowlands where moisture is more available. It can grow in a wide array


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